Imagine a world where you wake up in the morning without a pit in your stomach.

Without the voice in your head telling you that you should have stayed in that predictable, safe, soul-crushing job.  The one that lies to you and says you should never have struck out on your own, planted your flag…


In your new world, you have a strategy and systems in place to:

  • get reviews posted online
  • make it easy for the right people to find you, choose you, and take action
  • keep your customers up to date with news, specials, and promotions
  • connect and cooperate with like-minded people so you can help each other

Your new world is a place where you can:

  • have an online store that is easy to use and works seamlessly
  • have content and design that reflects you, your vision, and what you have to offer
  • schedule events and sell tickets online
  • make it easy for clients to schedule appointments and consultations with you
  • sell courses, classes, and access to exclusive content
  • have a consistent visual presence that suits your brand and personality — it’s beautiful and you are proud of it

AND you don’t need to be in charge of making any of that work.


In this world, you are not alone.  You aren’t responsible for making the right guesses about whether or how to advertise locally, on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google Ads.  You know that your website and social media profiles are up to date, beautiful, and get you in front of the people who need your help right now.

As the sun sets in your new world and day turns to night, you do not toss and turn, worrying that you are doing it wrong or not doing enough.  You put your head on your pillow and rest.

And you wake up the next morning and say (as loudly as you like):  “I got this.  Let’s GO!”

Welcome to your new world.

There is intelligent life here (and it is friendly).



My name is Susie Baity.

I’m a designer, online marketing specialist, and world builder who is inspired by the bravery and optimism of entrepreneurs.  I have a point of view, business experience, technical skill, empathy, and ferocious dedication to helping you bring your vision to life.

My business model is  rooted in deep respect for what it takes emotionally and financially to strike out on your own.  I understand that every decision to invest in your business comes out of your pocket, not from a corporate slush fund.  I get it and I’m here to help.

I believe in science and my recommendations are backed by current marketing research.  

You know what you should do…

Whether you are a sole owner, partnership or small group of stakeholders, I know you have heard all of the “shoulds” when it comes to having an online presence — website, social media, to blog or not to blog, email lists, newsletters….the list goes on and on.

Then there are the things that you didn’t even know you needed to worry about — website security, keeping your site up to date, or making your site accessible to people with disabilities.


Your Online Marketing needs to be an asset, not a burden.

That’s where I come into your picture.  I will listen to your concerns, help you prioritize what needs to be done, and execute your vision beautifully, on time, and within your budget.

Let’s Get to Work!

As a small business owner, I realized early on that to bring my best self to my work I would need to outsource the necessary parts of running a business that I lack skills in.  Enter Susie.

As a creative and organizational mastermind, her guidance and knowledge in website design and social networking has helped me stay focused and connected to my clientele. Additionally, she has an innate ability to see the bigger picture project and  then narrow it down to bite sized pieces – perfect for a business on a shoestring budget like mine.
I am forever grateful and highly recommend Susie!
Lisa Hesse

Wellness Coach | Certified Yoga Instructor

Build Your World

Things to know about succeeding in any worthwhile endeavor:

  • You have to have a good idea. And having a good idea isn’t enough.
  • You have to have a plan.  And having a plan isn’t enough.
  • You have to be confident.  And confidence isn’t enough.
  • You have to be good at what you do.  And being good at what you do isn’t enough.
  • You have to put in the effort.  And effort isn’t enough.

If that sounds like a downer and makes you want to give up and go back to bed, listen up.


Nothing I said is something you didn’t already know.  It’s what you do with that knowing that’s going to make all the difference.


Do Not Waste Time on Things That You Aren’t Good At (unless you want to learn them — learning is good).  For businesses and non-profits:

  • Find the right people
  • Trust the right people
  • Invest in your business (or yourself, or whatever you are working on)
  • Know how much (in dollar terms) a new client, project , donation, ticket or widget sold is worth to you
  • How many new clients (or widgets or what have you) per year will it take to pay for an expense?
  • Do not go it alone — you are already doing a hard thing, why make it harder?
  • Know exactly who you want to do business with and market to that group
  • Who are they, where are they what do they care about, where do they hang out online, who do they follow?
  • Don’t waste time and money on things that don’t work — accept that you will get this wrong sometimes and get over it
  • Experiment, make mistakes, acknowledge your mistakes and move on.  Bonus if you can figure out how to learn from them too.
  • Learn to measure results, not just guess
  • Think.  Let it simmer.  Act.


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